Review: Sweet Trip – You Will Never Know Why

On their last album ‘Velocity:Design:Comfort’, Sweet Trip made a pretty good job of becoming the Stereolab it’s easy to love, with extra layers of warmth taking the place of those explorations of Krautrock. That was way back in 2004 though and the follow-up is a welcome return to their psychedelic, oddball songs.

‘Conservation Of Two’ bridges the gap between easy listening and shoegaze. Carefully crafted harmonies are at the heart of ‘Forever’ whilst groovy lounge and bossanova dominate the seven minute long epic ‘Acting’. Elsewhere, Valerie R. Cooper’s vocals have never been captured quite so dreamily as on ‘Milk’. Thereafter the album experiences a disappointing lull but it is partially redeemed by the excellence of some of the later tracks: ‘Pretending’ being a jangly delight and ‘Your World Is Eternally Complete’ is a triumphant finale (ignoring the uncredited experiment ‘Female Lover’).

However, you categorise them, ultimately, Sweet Trip are a pop band and a very good one too. The only criticism is the disinct twenty minute sag at the centre of the record which spoils an otherwise sumptuous listen.

Web Sites:
Sweet Trip Official Site
Sweet Trip MySpace

Further Listening:
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