Review: Gus Garcia – Many Hiding Places

Gustavo Nebo Garcia originates from Brazil but now calls London home and from there he pursues, like so many others, the dream of success in the music world. Recording under the trucated name of Gus Garcia, he’s made a more than an accomplished start for his debut EP.

Garcia showcases his angsty vocals immediately for the acoustic, rootsy opener ‘Colleagues’. If the verses sound a bit whiny then the chorus is certainly uptempo and when the harmonies kick in, Garcia really seems to be on to something. ‘Before The Winter’ features deceptively simple hooks; once again the song begins slowly and earnestly and then the harmonies take over with an insouciant Kinks-like melody to guide them. The third and final song ‘Menace’ is arguably the most distinctive. Against the backdrop of a haunting steel guitar, Garcia explores his full vocal range with a portentous whisper turning into a falsetto with impressive fluency.

Garcia won’t be the first London-based singer songwriter to evoke the classic sounds of 1960’s/1970’s British rock and he certainly won’t be the last. Neverthless his vocals are distinctive and – based on the three songs here – he has the capability to stand out in a crowded field.

Web Sites:
Gus Garcia MySpace
Gus Garcia CDBaby Page

Further Listening:
The Kinks

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