Review: Deleyaman – Fourth, Part One

Equilibrium Music is a record label choosing to focus on the “finest, exquisite dark music” from around the world. Although based in Normandy, Deleyaman’s four members originate from USA, France, Armenia and Swedish making them a world music act in both sense of the term although their material dips in to classical, ambient and darkwave too. They certainly combine their disparate gifts and cultures well on an album which makes good use of brooding vocals, ancient woodwind instruments and subtle atmospherics.

‘Stay On’ is magnificently understated; Aret Madilian lending his haunted tones across some minimal accompaniment. In fact everything about ‘Fourth, Part One’s is understated. For ‘Aravod Luys, Be Still, Temples’, the Godlike combination of Madilian and fellow vocalist Beatrice Valantin serves to emphasise their cinematic potential as does the stately and deliciously sombre ‘Somehow’. Perhaps what the record does lack though is an injection of pace and ‘Jardin’ is the one track to move away from moody introspection; its vigorous percussion being the clearest indication of Madilian’s time spent in an LA post-punk band

Some may dismiss Deleyaman as being dour purveyors of misery yet there are regular spine-tingling moments to be discovered here with the two singing members of the group frequently lifting the music out of artistic posturing mode. They are also strongly recommended for fans of Dead Can Dance, their nearest soundalikes.

Web Sites:
Deleyaman Official Site
Deleyaman MySpace
Equilibrium Music Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Dead Can Dance


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