Review: We Fell To Earth – We Fell To Earth

Rich File and Wendy Rae Fowler met in the High Desert of California. In truth, it’s not too surprising since their music seems so far removed from anything or anyone else; evoking scenes from a modern Wild West movie that has yet to be made.

‘Spin This Town’ is typically sinister; it calls to mind images of a nightmarish visit to an African drug den. The foundations for ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Lost In Flames’ appear to be built upon Silver Apples-like vintage percussion. Everything about the record is bleak but deeply involving because of the stark, imaginative and varied arrangements. Yet amongst the many highlights, ‘Sovereign’ certainly stands out. Above the droning atmospherics, File and Rae Fowler cast their deadpan harmonies like a black shadow and eventually they are joined by the most ghostly of keyboard melodies. ‘Careful What You Wish For’ would have been another dead-eyed track to chill the bones but Rae Fowler injects some soul to remind us, fleetingly, that they are human after all.

‘We Fell To Earth’ is not merely dark it’s deadly. Perhaps the miracle of it all though is their music is such compulsive listening; a great testament to the production skills of the duo.

Web Sites:
We Fell To Earth Official Site
We Fell To Earth MySpace

Further Listening:
Silver Apples, Suicide


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