Review: My Milky Way Arms – Lightsaber Circuit Breaker

In an effort to sound truly original, new acts often find that the fine line between unique and unlistenable is frequently blurred. My Milky Way Arms have definitely nailed it on the originaliy front; the music of Space Kill (real name: Chase Hill) takes space-rock into a whole new level with the sound allegedly formed by crystals found in an icy tundra.

Essentially, ‘Lightsaber Circuit Breaker’ is a collision of big colourful beats straight from the Black Moth Super Rainbow school of electronic music, accompanied by falsetto harmonies. Using these methods, ‘Fillenium Malcon’ is as wonderfully deranged as anything Ariel Pink has produced. Against the backdrop of some immense percussion and cute electronic bleeps, Hill adds alien harmonies to ‘Marvin Zendler’ whilst ‘Colossus’ seems to be based on the beautifully weird noises from a theremin.

That’s not to say Hill has perfected his style. As each track goes by, the high-pitched harmonies can grate (witness the repeated “You’re my best friend” line on ‘Helicopter’) and the primitive electronica for the instrumental ‘Corellion Bloodstrips’ is merely a novelty. At least ‘Eleventeen’ revaptures the sense of maddening melody displayed in the first half of the record and ‘Early Retirement’ is a welcome but belated diversion into downtempo Blade Runner territory.

It may sound like an overstatement but My Milky Way Arms manages to make the Flaming Lips sound relatively grounded, such is the otherwordly approach to tune making. That alone should make this album a “must hear” for lovers of experimental pop music.

Web Sites:
My Milky Way Arms MySpace
Milky Syndication Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
The Flaming Lips, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti


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