Review: Josh Fix – This Town Is Starting To Make Me Angry

Josh Fix is one of those artists who will doubtlessly polarise opinion. Firstly, there’s that conveniently snappy name, then the shamelessly poppy songs he writes which occasionally veer towards the high camp. Nevertheless, this mini album is a fine showcase for his retro-referencing talents.

The title track is heavily geared towards the pop market. Like a lost Elton John single, it’s a cheery track brimming with shiny melody where the verses are actually more uptempo then the chorus itself. The second song ‘Dirty Bloody Naked’ follows a similar keyboard-led journey but Fix’s yearning vocal and 70’s piano rock (positioned closely to 10CC’s baroque pop) prove to be a perfect match. ‘Ghosts In Your Head’ maintains the tune formula and will doubtless go down well at gigs whilst the acoustic ‘Dear Lord’ has the warmth and self-effacing lyrics to counter its earnest outward appearance. This just leaves the finale ‘Barely Insane’ which sounds not a million miles away from The Scissor Sisters.

I would probably be more convinced by Fix over the course of an album to see if the sense of bonhomie would wear me down or leave me irritated. Yet the songs are undeniably catchy, Fix is an impressive vocalist and a witty lyricist and if he fulfils his obvious commercial potential, good luck to him.

Web Sites:
Josh Fix Official Site
Josh Fix MySpace

Further Listening:
Elton John, 10CC


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