Review: EastStrikeWest – Wolvves

Just when you thought it was safe to go out on to the streets again, another British post-rock act has emerged with the dystopian vision and ambition to cause the next apocalypse with their music. This time it’s London’s EastStrikeWest and for a young band they seem to have a lot to get off their chest. ‘Wolvves’ is their debut and it’s not a record that’s easy to ignore.

Everything EastStrikeWest do is loud and portentous. ‘God Can’t Take His Eyes Off Me’ is every bit as dramatic and self-important as its title suggests with thunderous rhythms and guitars seemingly burrowing through the Earth in order to achieve maximum impact. ‘Stumble’ is marginally more subtle but does feature a impressive soaring vocal from Tom Clark and some swooping strings.

It’s no coincidence that another strong single, ‘The Architect’, sees Clark shine again but his colleagues create a surging call to arms that is hard not to moved by. ‘Electricity’, meanwhile, takes a warmer, shoegaze-influenced approach and here the mixture of piano and guitar effects is almost beautiful in parts.

For the most part, ‘Wolvves’ is a stirring and riveting record but also one which is prone to being over-earnest. Yet for all its grand noise, there’s no lack of melody, they have an arresting frontman and they also provide a convenient replacement for the recently disbanded Redjetson.

Web Sites:
EaststrikeWest MySpace Site
Thirty Days Of Night Records Label and Shop Site

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