Review: Gradient – Dispersing Sectors

‘Dispersing Sectors’ is another quality offering from Rednetic Recordings’ series of 3″ EPs. Created by Saint Petersburg native Igor Arsenjev, here are three tracks of quality dub techno. Appropriately enough, they epitomise the chill of the Russian winter.

‘Membrana’ is spare and lonely; evoking the spirit of a deserted East European city. The title track stutters and spits out icy beats and synths. It takes its time but eventually its glacial, melancholic melody takes hold. Finally, ‘Duplex’ squelches its way to a finish. Each track makes use of repetition but never threatens to bore the listener. Instead, there’s a profound sense of sadness to be discovered.

‘Dispersing Sectors’ may not be one of the most immediate techno releases ever heard and a full album’s worth of this could be too much to take in one sitting. Yet after a couple of listens its subtle dynamics work their way in to the brain and refuse to be dislodged.

Web Sites:
Gradient MySpace
Rednetic Label and Shop Site


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