Review: Unintentional – Tales Of Travel

Unintentional are a male/female duo originally formed in Lincolnshire, England. Their new EP evokes lying on a well manicured lawn on a summer’s day whilst looking into the clear blue sky and since it’s snowing in Lincolnshire as I write this, it seems like a good time to get nostalgic for those brighter times.

The EP opens with ‘Acknowledge’; a blissful delight from its delicate strumming to Daryl Ashton’s slightly croaked outpourings. ‘You Only Fall Once’ is even better. Vocally it contains little but sighs and murmuring from Nicola Swift but it unravels into a superb ambient folk instrumental. Boosted by male/female harmonies, the next track, ‘Old Light’, reassuringly informs us that “Tonight, it’s all right” before disappearing into guitar and piano-led vapour trails. Elsewhere, ‘Solitary Interlude’ captures the intimacy and Englishness of Everything But The Girl, ‘Dinga’ resembles a spirited but asset-stripped version of Sigur Ros and the innocence of The Field Mice is evoked on the gentle finale ‘Paradox Waiting’.

‘Tales Of Travel’ represents a very dreamy form of folk music and it’s a very moving, atmospheric EP too. Moreover, though you can hear various influences in these six fragrant offerings, they seem to have fused these into a formula that is both fresh and distinctive.

Web Sites:
Unintentional Official Site
Unintentional MySpace

Further Listening:
Everything But The Girl, Epic45, Lorna, Slowdive, The Field Mice


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