Review: Nosound – A Sense Of Loss

Although it may be true to state that Giancarlo Erra’s Nosound project has picked up the post-rock baton from the likes of Bark Psychosis and Talk Talk, this Italian outfit have taken these influences and fashioned them into emotionally-scarred epics of their own with progressive rock sections rubbing shoulders with ambient washes. The fact that Erra describes ‘A Sense Of Loss’ as an “even more emotional recording” than its predecessor suggests handkerchiefs should be on standby but the album is also leaner and more song-based this time too.

The essence of Nosound’s music is captured on the opening track ‘Some Warmth Into This Chill’. The steady percussion and melancholic guitars plot a course for unavoidable despondency, merely confirmed by Erra’s always yearning vocals. Yes, once again this is sprawling, exhausting music but what keeps it afloat is the utter conviction of Erra and his trusty bandmates as they appear to invest every ounce of emotion into their music.

‘Fading Silently’, recalls the loss of a loved one drowned at sea; its ambient drone making the experience as beautiful as it is sad. ‘Tender Claim’ disappears further into the abyss of misery as strings, drums and guitars converge into a tear-jerking whole whilst ‘Constant Contrast’ proves that though Nosound are undoubted masters of despair they also know when to apply the restraints. Alas, ‘Winter Wil Come’ pushes the buttons marked “bombastic” and “epic” to revert to post-rock melodrama but on the second part of the track, Erra’s barely heard cries beneath a stampede of military drums recover the poignancy.

Added to the album itself is a DVD which shows – amongst other things – some discussions between Erra and string conductor Enrico Razzicchia where one can imagine the most infinitesimal detail is discussed passionately until Erra is completely satisfied with the end product. ‘A Sense Of Loss’ could have been overbearing but Nosound have now perfected their songcraft and the results are as exquiste as they are tragic.

Web Sites:
Nosound Official Site
Kscope Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Talk Talk, Bark Psychosis

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