Review: Yellow6 – Merry6mas2009

It’s Christmas time and what better way to celebrate it than with the latest compendium from instrumental wizard Jon Attwood and his Yellow6 project? As with previous seasonal offerings from the Yellow6 stable, the Christmas reference is restricted to album title alone although the music within is undoubtedly on the wintry side. This time round, the majority of the tracks were intended for a film by Swedish director Niclaz Erlingmark.

With a foothold in several genres (post-rock, shoegaze, ambient) but not limited by any particular boundaries, Attwood has been a symbol of consistency since he released the first Yellow6 7″ in 1998. ‘9732#2’ and ‘Light#1’ in particular are models of familiar gentle shape-shifting misery, designed to edify and haunt in equal measure. The chilling ‘9732#3’ builds up layer upon layer of drama and then stops dead just as you think some awful horror is about to be unleashed whilst ‘Stolen’ merges drone with some grimy glum rock guitar segments. Still, it’s probably no coincidence that the track with the most warmth (Light#2) is the one that sounds most like another act; in this case Labradford.

For once, Attwood has limited his recordings to under an hour. A good idea too since a few of his releases have seemed overlong with similar-sounding tracks. So here we have a record which largely maintains its interest and momentum from beginning to end. Merry6mas indeed.

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Yellow6 Official Site
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