Review: Mr Cloudy – Sensitive Crop

Rednetic Recordings are rapidly earning themselves a reputation for quality dub techno releases. Further evidence is added by Sergey Barkalov whose Mr Cloudy avatar provides an outlet for his dark, underground music. It also follows neatly on from the EP by fellow Russian and labelmate Gradient.

Each track seems to be accompanied by tape hiss. ‘Excursion’ sounds menacing and chilling, like the emerging sounds of faulty pipework from a sewer. ‘Thereform’ is noticeably bouncier although its beats are produced at gut level. Nevertheless its attractive Teutonic click-clack rhythms resemble the works of Tarwater or To Rococo Rot. ‘Datura’ comes submerged in sound effects but its core melody is an elegant, hypnotic beast trying to make sense of the noise which envelops it. Finally, we have ‘Dry Breakfasts’, which may or may not be a eulogy to cereal bars, but is certainly a fittingly haunting way to end twenty minutes of captivating music.

Much like the aforementioned Gradient EP, ‘Sensitive Crop’ initially sounds like any other dub techno record. Yet its slow-burning charms successfully marry together haunting atmospheres, subtle melody and rhythmic intensity.

Web Sites:
Mr Cloudy MySpace
Rednetic Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Gradient, Tarwater, To Rococo Rot

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