Review: My Majestic Star – I Haven’t Got It In Me

As far as Australia’s My Majestic Star are concerned, old school shoegazing and a experimental approach are the way forward. Formed around the talents of multi-instrumentalist Chris Mason, ‘I Haven’t Got It In Me’ is an often brilliant record which delivers on both an emotional and melodic level.

Beginning with organ swell and percussion, ‘Stranger’ is a perfect way to introduce fifty minutes of warm melancholia. A rich beast in itself, the same track ends in beautiful layers of shoegaze effects and Miriam Braun’s mournful cello. Next up is ‘Crampling’ and for the first time we’re treated to harmonies as Braun and Mason combine effortlessly. Better still is ‘City Sleeps’, which is spine tingling as soon as Braun’s cello kicks in and the goose bumps are maintained when she teams up with Mason again on vocal duties. It’s a truly perfect song. Adding further strings to their bow, for ‘Silver Tongues’ the guitars ache like the best post-rock records and ‘Dry Lakes’ is an elegant ambient composition of great worth.

Other moments see My Majestic Star apparently revisit their record collections. ‘Like Cracked Glass’ captures Mason and co. in a furious maelstrom, not unlike Ride at their peak whilst ‘Uncertain Terms’ posits the group as heirs to Robin Guthrie’s (of Cocteau Twins’ renown) throne, although this instrumental is kept deliciously slow paced until the guitars squeal in to the life.

The only criticism of ‘I Haven’t Got It In Me’ would be that there are not enough songs featuring vocals. Yet it’s still a tremendous record; superbly produced and varied enough to keep fans of old and new dreampop very satisfied indeed.

Web Sites:
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Further Listening:
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