Review: ClementWave – Invisible Wizard

ClementWave are a new five piece from Cambridgeshire. For a young band, they successfully balance their energetic hook-based guitar music with a plethora of endearing quirks.

‘Big Foot Transmission’ is playful indie which only really gets going for the eager to please chorus. A decent start but the other two songs are better. Their inventiveness is best displayed in ‘Eggs Avec Legs’ which builds from ambient beginnings to high-pitched harmonies, new wave guitars and white funk. Obviously, it’s all over the place stylistically but maddeningly enjoyable nonetheless. Those looking for less hyperactivity and a little more maturity, meanwhile, would best seek out ‘Oxygen Tanks’ (although it sounds rather like “Oxygen Sex” to me) as frontman Seb and post-punk guitars get caught up in a track which crackles with wired tension.

In many years’ time, ClementWave may see this EP as a product of overblown folly. Yet for now it sounds fresh and vibrant and has the hallmarks of a band who could go far.

Web Sites:
ClementWave MySpace
Morph Recordings Label Site

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