Review: Cracked Latin – The World Is Cracked Latin

Cracked Latin comprise American Lane Steinberg and Luis Accorsi from Venezuela. As their chosen name suggests, the duo create a very twisted form of Latin music which crosses the traditional with indie/aternative songwriting.

The celebratory opener ‘Your Miami’ gets events off to a flier. ‘My Hallucination’ is reminiscent of Beck and it his influence, both instrumentally and vocally, that is prominent throughout the record.

At other times, though, they are in a world of their own. The undeniably infectious ‘Caracas Shakedown’ implores the listener to indulge in shameless bouts of hip shaking and booty dancing. Their “signature” tune ‘We Are Cracked Latin!’ sounds like a cross between the Scooby Doo theme and a Blaxploitation movie whereas ‘Aceite’ and ‘In Memory Of A Departed Therapist’ tones down the frenzy to a welcome, languid pace. Best of all, however, is ‘Diggin Bonez’, which allies breathless harmonies to ramshackle rhythms.

This album occasionally sounds like the work of lunatics but the moments of skewed pop genius make this a fun record to listen to as well. You could file them between mavericks like Beck and The Experimental Pop Band but really Steinberg and Accorsi have their own sound going on.

Web Sites:
Cracked Latin Official Site
Cracked Latin MySpace

Further Listening:
Beck, Kinetic Stereokids, Experimental Pop Band


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