Review: Uniform Motion – Life

I last covered Uniform Motion when I wrote about their Uniform Motion Pictures online project; a splendid idea where a whole album’s worth of songs was accompanied by a virtual comic strip and a live video of the band performing the track. They have now revived that old-fashioned idea of a new album without the niceties of visual accompaniment.

From his days recording as Angle, main songwriter Andrew Richards has created sensitive folk-ish songs with electronic flourishes. Uniform Motion concentrates on acoustic material but with added muscle from a punchy production and strident rhythms; like a less awkward and more approachable version of Hood.

Underscored by crisp percussion and lovely harmonies, ‘Back Up Your Soul’ is undoubtedly one of the highlights but the warmth of ‘Oskar’ is equally persuasive. Even at its most forlorn (‘Storm Eye’), thanks to Richards’ hushed tones and his gift for finding a hook, the music is always fresh and involving.

Compared to his work as Angle, Richards has clearly developed as a songwriter and found a stronger voice too. So together with his bandmates, ‘Life’ is a confident – if slightly too short – album that grows in stature after each listen.

Web Sites:
Uniform Motion MySpace
Uniform Motion Pictures

Further Listening:
Angle, Angel Tech, Hood

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