Review: Strumpets – Hello Strumpets

Strumpets won’t be the first psychedelic pop band to come from Belgium and it’s doubtful they’ll be the last. This is a good thing. They even team up with representatives from two likeminded compatriots, namely dEUS and Sukilove, to deliver a short but colourful album.

Led by Miguel Horacio Sosa, they have an arresting frontman but oddly enough his vocals resemble none other than Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals. Eclectic to the very end, they cover barber shop vocals (the title track), languid, summery pop (‘Who Pulls The Reins Of The Sun’) and even some harmonica and twanging country guitar for ‘The Alcove Of Cecilia’. The wry charm of ‘Walking On Air’ recalls The Kinks whilst ‘You’re Far (To Love Me)’ and ‘Gliding In Orbits’ are both glorious space pop tunes that would surely be hits if played on daytime radio.

As is the case with their aforementioned countrymen, Strumpets are a wonderfully weird group who move effortlessly between different genres without sounding unnatural or too eager to please. Let’s hope that this project, which was originally intended as a solo vehicle by Sosa, now continues on to further albums.

Web Sites:
Strumpets MySpace
Jezus Factory Records

Further Listening:
Sukilove, Super Furry Animals, The Umbrella Sequence

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