Review: The Lucy Show – …Undone

The Lucy Show are credited with creating an early form of dreampop so it seems entirely appropriate that Words On Music (who have championed both the old and new exponents of this genre) have chosen to reintroduce their material to a younger audience. Following the reissue of their second album ‘Mania’, now we take a step back further in time with the reissue of the 1985 debut ‘…undone’. It’s a timely reminder of what this London act used to get up to, since core members Mark Bandola and Robert Vandeven have both been active with solo projects a quarter of a century later.

As is often the case with 1980’s releases, the production (particularly the artificial sounding drums) has dated somewhat but the best songs overcome this. ‘Come Back To The Living’ is based on imaginative flourishes from Bandola and he also adds some post-punk guitar to the angsty Cure-like ‘The White Space’. Meanwhile the swirling atmospherics to ‘The Twister’ signal their experimental side and ‘Dream Days’ benefits from a welcome, aggressive undertow. On the negative side, for ‘Resistance’, Vandeven struggles to keep up with the pace of the rhythm section and most of the songs from the second half to the record are not distinguished enough to be remembered.

It may be unfair to say it but The Lucy Show’s songwriting falls short of the consistency of contemporaries The Comsat Angels or The Chameleons. So much like ‘Mania’, ‘…undone’ represents them as a solid rather than groundbreaking act. Nevertheless, at their best, their chiming post-punk songs were still ahead of their time and they deserve more than footnote status.

Web Sites:
The Lucy Show MySpace
Words On Music Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
The Cure, Easterhouse, The Comsat Angels, The Chameleons


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