Review: Band Ane – Anish Music Too / And Free

Band Ane is a solo project by “the danish electronic wondergirl” or Ane Oestergaard to those who know the lady behind the music. She released her debut in 2006 and ‘Anish Music Too’ and ‘And Free’ represents albums two and three respectively. ‘…Too’ was recorded in Oestergaard’s wooden hut, alone in the countryside whilst ‘…Free’ is influenced by “crazy neighbours” who visited and the stories they told.

The music styles can be roughly split in to three parts; one dispensing cute tuneful electronica, another part offers far-out experimentation whilst the remainder is concerned with the spoken word. Since the spoken words are in Oestergaard’s native Danish it’s hard to appreciate what is actually being said and this is likely to diminish any chances of success outside of Scandinavia. Nevertheless when she crafts tunes as blissful as ‘Alma Krathus’ and ‘Harddisken’ or as quirky as ‘Soester Rosenmund’ and ‘Skildpaden Dennis’ (the latter experiments with both speed and melody delightfully), it’s hard not to be touched by this singular talent. Further variations arrive via drum and bass (‘Braendsel’ and ‘Ild’) and Boards Of Canada pastiche (‘Cirkel’). At other times though, Oestergaard seems too wrapped up in her own world to realise that her music is too awkward to listen to (‘Broedrene Malmborg’ sounds like tremendous fun if you’re Danish but here it swiftly becomes irritating).

‘Anish Music Too’ is the recommended starting point thanks to its greater accessability and coherence although its companion piece is not without its idiosyncratic highlights (in particular the folktronica of ‘Hvis De Ville’ and beautifully warm finale ‘Aladin Oestergaard’). Equal parts charming, inventive and frustrating, it’s a mixed offering from a talent whose individualism is never in question.

Web Sites:
Band Ane MySpace
Jenka Music Label Site

Further Listening:
Múm, Mint

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