Review: Cajita – The Ellipsis

Cajita is a dreamy electro pop act based around the talents of Bristol-based Jay Chakravorty. ‘The Ellipsis’ is his debut album and does a sterling job of aligning chill-out atmospheres with moving songwriting.

‘Don’t Panic’ does exactly as its title promises; it’s a sweet electronica melody given a gentle caress by Chakravorty’s calming tones. It’s a reminder that all is right in the world. ‘Constant’ maintains the warmth factor but it’s a considerably glitchier, beat-heavy affair. Then Cajita goes full blown for the mighty ‘Walk Don’t Walk’. The backing choir vocals may be a bit too much to stomach for some but it’s hard not to be moved by this heartfelt tune.

After that surge of emotion, the music moves into downbeat and considerably less euphoric moods.  ‘Daybreak’ is serene but the album does flag a little from the rather subdued ‘You Ought To Know’ to the final song, ironically titled ‘First’.

Overall, ‘The Ellipsis’ could have probably done with a little pruning. Yet it still achieves that difficult task of creating music that is uplifting without sounding trite.

Web Sites:
Cajita Official Site
Cajita MySpace

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