Review: Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor – Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor

As well as having a fabulous name, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor brand themselves as “Detroit based neo-psychedelic glam rock”. These qualities are hard to ignore and their self-titled debut generally doesn’t disappoint.

Opening with huge drums and reverb, haunted fairground keyboards and the deathly howl of frontman Sean, ‘Lord Is My Gun’ is an arresting statement; like Black Rebel Motorcycle meets The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Then ‘Victims Of Momentum’, as the title attests, surrenders to a Krautrock groove. Even better is sinister single ‘Slow Suicide’ where the band make the best use of their tight bass-driven rhythms and menacing vocals and – just to show SOYSV aren’t all about creating drone-y, doomy stuff – the rockier ‘All You Lovers’ is a real thriller.

It’s the second half of the record where the group lose their way somewhat. ‘Spaceman Blues’ and ‘Doom’ lack the drive and hooks of what has gone on before. Happily, it’s a brief lapse and by the time of ‘Two Thousand Nine’ and ‘At The Gates’ they’ve recovered both the drama and the aggression.

Naturally, there’s a sense of “we’ve been here before” with nearly all of this record. Yet with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club having lost their way recently, SOYSV could claim the neo-psychedelic glam rock crown as their own.

Web Sites:
Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor Official Site
Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor MySpace

Further Listening:
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Soul Merchants, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown


1 Response to “Review: Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor – Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor”

  1. 1 -valis March 18, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Nice review! They’re certainly a band to watch in the coming months and – hopefully, years!


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