Review: Malory – Pearl Diver

Malory are a Dresden-based act who formed in the mid-1990s and are now on to their fourth album. As unlikely as it is that the term “German shoegaze” will get music fans salivating, ‘Pearl Diver’ is worth persevering with.

Breezy vocals and a rock-solid rhythmic backbone are the key to the menacing ‘The Signs’ whlst ‘Caché’ and ‘Back To The Point (I’ve Started From)’ are made on similarly strong foundations as well as being blessed with great vocal hooks from Daniela Neuhäuser. Malory have also recognised the need to sound less like 1991 and more like a modern version of the shoegazing imprint so programming is the key to much of their songs. The title track and it’s minimalist electronica and insistent drone prove that they are masters of subtlety and the gorgeous ‘Dragon In You’ gives dreampop instrumentals a good name. Less essential, though, is an eight-minute live version of ‘Ajar Door’ which doffs its cap a little too much in the direction of Slowdive.

‘Pearl Diver’ avoids being “just another shoegazing revival” album with some style. Beyond its genre classification, it’s a multi-textured, sensitively produced album that never relies too much on the FX pedal.

Web Sites:
Malory Official Site
Malory MySpace

Further Listening:
Slowdive, Rumskib, Lush, Cranes


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