Review: Milhaven – Milhaven

Hailing from Germany, Milhaven are a post-rock band who have grown with each release. Their self-titled new album is their third release and once which harks back to the early days of post-rock behemoths like Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor but with a little less heaviness on show.

‘Milhaven’ the album begins chillingly with a speech by Margaret Thatcher, although the sense of doom never really takes hold from there. Indeed, after the drama of ‘Supervulkan’, the overall feeling is one of melancholic beauty. ‘Barnabas’ is a gentle affair where pretty guitar textures dominate. Even as the drums increase in pace, everything is kept under restraints with the focus on a lovely core melody. A similar method is spun out for ‘Miami Jesus’. The momentum builds slowly and surely to ‘Animal 3k’ before the calm of ‘The Trees In Misery’. Then just when you think it’s safe those Godspeed influences surface again for the final, bombastic ‘Hunter’.

More than fond of guitars which can tremble as well as chime, their new album does nothing earth shattering in a stylistic sense. Yet it is a real measure of their growing maturity and their focus on tunes makes them thoroughly likeable.

Web Sites:
Milhaven Official Site
Milhaven MySpace

Further Listening:
This Is A Process Of A Still Life, Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor


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