Review: Christian McKee – Six One Two

After a succession of full downloadable albums, things have been rather quiet on the Christian McKee front recently. By his standards, a new EP over a year after the last album almost counts as laziness. However, these five songs signal a stronger emphasis on electronic music which makes comparisons to influences Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen ever more tenuous.

‘I Don’t Love You That Way’ employs the cheesiest of synth lines but McKee, by virtue of his natural flow of lyrics and soulful vocals, rescues the song from 1980’s pastiche obliviion. ‘I’ll Find You There’ and ‘Better This Way’ drift into balladry; they’re decent but nothing to get too excited about. It is ‘Like I Needed You’ which really impresses, mainly because the melody is so infectious and for once the keyboard washes and McKee’s yearning voice are perfectly suited to each other. The album ends with the comparatively chilling ‘Hear You Out’.

‘Six One Two’ is easily McKee’s most synth-heavy release so far. However, it’s debatable whether he’s got the balance right as his always emotive vocals sometimes seem at odds with the programmed (and very 1980’s) sounds around him.

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