Review: Runningonair – Out of Process

All things considered, an album based on digital mailouts, training days and public speaking isn’t likely to set many hearts racing. However, undeterred Joe Evans has based his Runningonair project on precisely these themes. He gets away with it too, thanks to that sense of longing for times when life wasn’t dominated by these modern ideas.

Although ostensibly a piano-based album, the real selling point of ‘Out Of Process’ is Evans’ skills with layering sounds upon the core melody. ‘Click Continue’ uses an online training sample as its inspiration. It should be the most annoying track ever but here it takes on a haunting resonance set to some elegant synth washes and beats. ‘Summer Fade’ is a desirable languid tune strongly reminiscent of  the BBC Radiophonic Workshop-indebted sounds of  King Of Woolworths.

Elsewhere ‘Disappear Fast’ contrasts a chilling digitised vocal with a piano-led melody whilst elements of jazz, folk and classical combine perfectly for the splendidly multi-layered ‘Milk Thistle’. Disappointments are few, although it’s fair to say the second half of the record doesn’t quite match the excellence of the first five tracks as the samples occasionally threaten to undermine the quality of the instrumental sections.

That said, ‘Out Of Process’ is a high quality independent release; notable for the subtleties, melody, depth and sense of nostalgia that you’d expect from more established artists. In addition, its anti-modern and retro sounds make it an unfashionable and extremely likeable collection of music.

Web Sites:
Running On Air Official Site
Runningonair MySpace

Further Listening:
King Of Woolworths


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