Review: Lost From Atlas – Lost From Atlas

Lost From Atlas are a young trio from West Yorkshire with a taste for the harder side of post-rock. They combine delicate and complex time signatures but often seem at the theshold of heavy metal or, at the very least, math rock. By genre standards, their thirty six-minute, nine-track debut is fairly concise.

‘The Horse You Rode In On’ is like a cavalry charge as angry guitars chime and then thrash away at anything that stands in their way. ‘For That Reason… I’m Out’ (the title, I can only assume, is a nod to BBC’s Dragon’s Den series) is another display of controlled aggression with arguably the most complicated display of chord changes. ‘Tom Robinson Must Die’ – another highlight despite its attention grabbing title – piles on the ache and the angst most impressively whilst ‘Man Is The Warmest Place To Hide’ builds up to a thrilling finale. Perhaps the most fascinating indicator of their future, though, is the pretty acoustic touches of ‘Fin’; revealing a hitherto unexplored gentler side to the band.

The main criticisms of Lost From Atlas would be, firstly, that it’s debatable they bring anything new to the post-rock table and secondly, that sometimes their propensity to show off their guitar wizardry threatens to undermine the melodic nature of their music. Having said that, they are a young band honing their sound on their first album and the playing skills cannot be called in to question.

Web Sites:
Lost From Atlas Blog Site
Lost From Atlas MySpace

Further Listening:
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