Review: Typewriter – Pictures From The Antique Skip

In the space of a few months there’s been an awful lot of activity on The Lucy Show front. Firstly, there was the solo debut of the band’s co-founder Robert Vandeven, then came the reissue of The Lucy Show’s debut album ‘…Undone’, originally released in 1985. Now the other half of the songwriting team, Mark Bandola, has a new record out under his Typewriter identity.

If there is a word to describe ‘Pictures From The Antique Skip’ it would undoubtedly be psychedelic. There are certainly nods to his shoegazing past (‘Bambino’ is awash with trademark jangle and effects) but largely it’s the sound of a man in love with a more distant past.

‘In Another World’ is  a jangly delight whilst ‘Arctic Circle’ and ‘In Your Atmosphere’ are airy and spacious. As the album develops, a pattern images where the songs are interspersed with brief experiments (mainly instrumental but some spoken word elements too). Then just when you think it’s safe to settle down after the gentle, whimsical ‘Impossible Beauty’, there’s a loud, noisy interruption courtesy of a live recording from Ausgang, a band Bandola played with in the early part of the century.

‘Pictures From The Antique Skip’ is too long and often lacks focus. Yet it’s hard not to admire the ambition, variety and sheer joy for making music that Bandola clearly still possesses. Crucially, that knack for creating a clever tune is something he’s never lost either.

Web Sites:
Typewriter Official Site
Typewriter MySpace

Further Listening:
The Lucy Show, Anton Barbeau

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