Review: PNDC&housework – Moments Of Grey Forgettableness

It’s fair to say that despite wide acclaim for their first two albums, PNDC and housework (a Serbian producer and a vocalist/guitarist from Greece respectively) are still very much a cult concern. So a stopgap compilation of alternate mixes and unreleased material is unlikely to get too many top DJs salivating. Who cares though? ‘Moments Of Grey Forgettableness’ traces the story of a couple of like-minded arists who are clearly more concerned with creating challenging music rather than record sales.

‘Punks On Diet’ sets the usual standards for a very muscular kind of dance and darkwave hybrid. The two versions of ‘Properties’ are very different, the remix uses feedback as its dominant sound whilst the original focusses on housework’s snarled delivery. ‘Animal Farm/D’Occasion’ meanders down several routes of eeriness whilst ‘Lights’, the gentlest of the offerings here, is underscored by a subtle but insistent rhythm and some impressive Bowie-like vocals; as a beguiling folk/electronic melody gradually reveals itself.

Here PNDC and housework’s music becomes murkier than ever as the essence of their work is boiled down to its bleak, experimental core. Now more than ever, it is possible to hear the influences of early uncompromising electronic pacesetters such as Cabaret Voltaire and The Wolfgang Press.

Web Sites:
PNDC MySpace
housework MySpace

Further Listening:
Cabaret Voltaire, The Wolfgang Press, Colder, DK7

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