Review: Echodrone – The Sun Rose In A Different Place

With a name like Echodrone and an album title of ‘The Sun Rose In A Different Place’, there will be no prizes for guessing which style of music this San Francisco-based act prefer. Formed by co-front person Eugene Suh and bassist Brandon Dudley, Echodrone borrow from various bands from shoegazing history and have presented a very solid first album.

‘Sway And Drown’ and ‘Winter Station’ are from the Slowdive school of angelic vocals and gently undulating melodies. ‘Pack Of Wolves’ is a real winner thanks to its strident rhythm section and the chilling lead vocals of Meredith Gibbons. After a lull at the middle of the record (‘Adrift In A Metaphor’ sets the controls for experimental noise but doesn’t really do much else), there is the unusual treat of The Cars’ ‘Drive’ redesigned as a shimmering pop gem. Then ‘Gravity’ again proves that Gibbons’ husky tones are possibly the band’s secret weapon.

Echodrone seem to cherry pick from various bands from the last twenty years and it’s hard to find anything particularly distinctive about their music. Yet what stands in their favour is that they have crafted a strong set of songs that reveal them as fine exponents of the genre.

Web Sites:
Echodrone Official Site
Echodrone MySpace

Further Listening:
Slowdive, Engineers, Her Vanished Grace

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