Review: Spotlight Kid – Crystal Dreams EP

I first heard from Notingham’s Spotlight Kid back in 2006 when I reviewed their first album. Formed by Six.By Seven member Chris Davis and vocalist Katty Heath, their boy/girl harmonies and expansive sound represented a pop-centric approach to the shoegazing movement. Now finally they’re back, albeit with just a trio of new songs.

‘Take Some Time’ is encircled by shimmering layers of noise and ferocious drums; the twin vocal attack creating a relatively aggressive identity. ‘Psalm 107′ is ushered in on a much gentler undertow though. Heath’s warm vocals are set perfectly to the chiming guitars before they usher in the chorus’ hookline of “I owe you everything but you owe me so much more”, which is about as singalong and anthemic as dreampop gets. Finally, ‘There’s A Reason Why’ is based around a simple and drone-like melody that grinds away as Heath and her bandmates sigh along pleasantly.

Since Davis has only recently managed to reactivate the group, it would be a little harsh to criticise them for only being able to produce less than a song a year since. However, ‘Crystal Dreams EP’ proves their music still has the guts, hooks and atmosphere to whet the appetite for (one hopes will be) the next album.

Web Sites:
Spotlight Kid Blog
Spotlight Kid MySpace

Further Listening:
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