Review: When The Clouds – The Longed-For Season

If anyone thought shoegazing and post-rock was becoming a less important art form, no one told Drifting Falling who have been putting out superior releases for the last couple of years. An addition to that list is Francesco Galano and his new recording under the name of When The Clouds.

‘The Dawn And The Embrace’ is certainly not a typical way to begin a post-rock release. The twinkling atmospherics present an idea of romance, which remains intact even after a full-bodied arrangement kicks in. ‘Rise On’ comprises whirring electronica and melancholic chiming melodies whilst ‘Flooding River’ recalls both the quietness of Múm and the grandiosity of Sigur Ros in equal measure. Listening further, ‘November Song’ may feature one too many glitches but it also possesses wonderfully warm textures and tunes and the finale ‘The House Of Sleep’ sends the listener off to bed with a delicate instrumental lullaby.

Despite a strong resemblance to several Icelandic artists, ‘The Longed-For Season’ is a perfectly-judged half hour of music with a strong identity. Crucially, Galano’s thirst for experimentation is always kept in check by the desire to convey human emotion.

Web Sites:
When The Clouds MySpace
Drifting Falling Label and Shop Ste

Further Listening:
Múm, Sigur Ros


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