Review: Sasha Is Acoustic – What Every Young Man Should Know

Since it’s so easy to get your music on a MySpace site these days, the world is hardly bereft of singer/songwriters. Sasha Is Acoustic is an eighteen year old Londoner, equipped with an acoustic guitar and a drum machine, along with the hopes and dreams of many other young men of a similar age. Luckily, he adds talent to the package too on this lo-fi but endearing first album.

Sasha’s voice sounds a little too affected by the London environment but when he harmonises with himself, (especially on the chorus to ‘Every End Has A Start’) such minor crimes are forgiveable. ‘Fear And Loathing In Edgeware’  expands the palette to include post-rock guitars whilst ‘You’re Stuck In My Head’ and ‘I Will Learn’ deviate from the guitar/drum machine rule but they also benefit from a fuller production.

His finest moment is reserved for the penultimate track; a spare and sinister song called ‘Doubt’ where he seems to be mourning the passing of a loved one. Finally, the infectious, singalong ‘Celia’ signs off on a postive note.

The pleasure of hearing someone’s first record is that the flaws have yet to be smoothed over and the real quality of the songwriting has to shine through. In this respect, ‘What Every Young Man Should Know’ is an album which gives bedroom lo-fi a good name and Sasha Is Acoustic could become Sasha Is Quite Popular On National Radio very soon.

Web Sites:
Sasha Is Acoustic MySpace
Not Yet Retro Records MySpace

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