Review: Gouthy – A Long Travel For The Space

Gouthy Pueyo Perez hails from Spain, not a country that’s renown for electronic music but Gouthy continues undeterred. This proves to be a good move since ‘A Long Travel For The Space’ seems remote from other influences and therefore sounds rather special.

Warm techno and bouncy beats dominate ‘BCN Connections’ which is one of the more mainstream offerings. The two ‘Intro’ tracks appear to source samples from ancient film soundtracks and there’s an air of childlike wonder to most of these instrumentals; the twinkly ‘I Love You’ is charming and melodic whilst ‘Indochina’ is cinematic and epic. Yet although the mood tends to be often playful, ‘Oriente’, ‘Instrumentalmente’ and ‘More Music’ take an elegant and slightly sinister approach that leaves a lasting impression.

Gouthy is not a groundbreaking artist but has an intriguing way with melody which manages to be both experimental and accessable. Following on from last year’s Nheap album, Internet label Acustronica are beginning to gain a reputation for unearthing European electronic talent.

Web Sites:
Gouthy MySpace
Acustronica Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
The Avalanches

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