Review: Librarians – Present Passed

Librarians are a West Virginian quartet with a talent for delivering a haunting, eccentric pop music. Never having heard their first album, I can’t determine whether this is a great leap forward or not but taken as a standalone record, it’s a great album in any case.

The story begins with the brilliantly eerie ‘Marilla Park’; a glorious fusion of breathy vocals, glum rock guitars and glacial keyboard passages. To maintain this form is quite a challenge but Librarians hit the mark with just about every style they embrace, whether it’s warped Americana (‘Candy Season’), icy synth pop (‘Hard To Unwind’), mumbling Beach Boys (‘Island Jam’), doleful indie (‘So What’) and – for ‘Cranberry Palace’ – harmonic 1960’s pop meets Interpol echo in a glorious collision.

Reminiscent of obscure but great bands such as Glassacre and Theselah, their songs are original and special. Librarians may give the impression of a band making the weirdest sounds they can imagine but they also share a canny nous for a pop tune.

Web Sites:
Librarians MySpace

Further Listening:
Glassacre, Theselah

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