Review: Thrushes – Night Falls

The Baltimore-based act Thrushes consist of two ladies and two gentlemen. ‘Night Falls’ is their second album and successfully allies shoegazing music with the euphoria and despair of 1960’s girl groups.

Each reverb-heavy track is given voice by the bittersweet lyrics of Anna Conner and ‘Trees’ is a  strident opener with Conner performing well to make herself heard above the noise. ‘Crystals’ experiments with a Spector-esque production whilst on the opposite end of the scale ‘Used To You’ is much gentler, as Conner bemoans her broken heart (something that seems to happen quite often to the poor girl judging by her emotional outpourings). Elsewhere there’s the Howling Bells-style twang of ‘As Much To Lose’ but a couple of the later tracks are too submerged in noise to be truly appreciated.

Drowned in love’s disappointments as much as the whirpool of guitar effects, ‘Night Falls’ is epic in both emotional reach and production. Yet although they’re not particularly remarkable in the originality stakes, Thrushes could certainly give Glasvegas a run for their money as they have the potential to coax a similar amount of tears from their audience.

Web Sites:
Thrushes Official Site
Thrushes MySpace

Further Listening:
Glasvegas, Dorian Gray


1 Response to “Review: Thrushes – Night Falls”

  1. 1 scottcarberry March 17, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    Oddly enough, Glasvegas and Thrushes played together here in Baltimore about 2 years ago. Helluva show!

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