Review: Ikons – Ikons

Krautrock, progressive rock, space rock and various other forms of rock are all featured on the new album by Ikons, who are a seven piece band from Sweden. They create huge walls of noise which are likely to induce excessive amounts of head nodding and foot-stomping.

‘Slow Light’ emulates the best of Krautrock from its glistening synths to the motorik drones which are more readily comparable with the Can’s and Neu!’s of this world. There’s also shades of Simple Minds’ early instrumental excellence on this fabulous eight minute opener. It’s a momentum which the Gothenburg septet struggle to maintain initially, where ‘Honey’ seems like an inferior younger brother of ‘Slow Light’.

Intensity is recovered towards the centre of the record. ‘Imperiet’ is a Joy Division pastiche; almost as if Peter Hook and Stephen Morris were actually guesting on the track, then ‘Guns’ continues the rhythmic charge and shoots off into space rock territory. ‘Seconds’ is another excellent offering, the themes of repetition remain but this time they’re based around a solid hook. However, ‘The Hawk’ sounds like an extended jam session hamstrung by its lack of variation.

Ikons music tends to be always driving, sometimes exciting and occasionally rather monotonous. This is a record which generally values rhythm over tunes but they are so good at the former, the lack of the latter is almost immaterial.

Web Sites:
Ikons Official Site
Ikons MySpace

Further Listening:
Simple Minds, Joy Division, Kraftwerk, Neu!


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