Review: Malcolm Fisher – Breeze Spring Music

The second of Malcolm Fisher’s seasonally-themed albums has now moved on to ‘Spring’. As one can imagine, given the shift in temperature expected at this time of year, ‘Breeze’ is a lot brighter in mood. Fisher’s compositions are frequently joyful; symbolising new life in Britain’s lush gardens.

This time the piano keys tinkle and twinkle whereas for the Winter album, they were sombre and drawn out. It is only on track 10 (of 64) where the music takes a slightly darker turn with woodwind and drums adding shade, as if in acknowledgement that not all is bright between March and June. There are also Oriental flourishes and some gorgeous flute parts towards the centre of the record and – as the album draws on – the melodies resemble the pitter-patter of raindrops.

‘Breeze’ may not be as consistently pretty as ‘Loom’ and there are moments where it’s possible to doze off but it’s hopeful, positive outlook is genuinely touching. One can only hope Summer continues the form, in both musical and weather terms.

Web Sites:
Malcolm Fisher Official Site
Malcolm Fisher MySpace

Further Listening:
The French Impressionists, Erik Satie


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