Review: The Keys – Fire Inside

A decade ago, The Keys – formerly known as Murry The Hump – emerged as another band who gazed longingly at the late 1960’s. This isn’t much of a claim since the post-Oasis boom generated a slew of other imitators. The Keys performed the trick better than most though, with their one and only previous album sounding raw, authentic and deliciously moody; covering folk, country and garage with equal amounts of panache. Not much has happened since then, save for a couple of EPs but now they have re-emerged and seemingly as obsessed with “The Golden Age” of British rock as ever.

The mini-album opens with the classic psychedelia of the title track. It’s to the band’s credit that it really does sound like a lost gem from the late 1960’s. ‘People Meet People’ is even better; powered by a riff that owes just a little to The Kinks’ ‘You Really Got Me’, it’s a thrilling garage-rock anthem. ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Valley Son’ capture the hippy sentiments but seem to biding time as the next “loud one” is eagerly awaited. ‘The Eyes Of The Lord’ duly arrives and reminds me of the excellent first album by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and comes complete with another signature heads-down guitar storm.

‘Fire Inside’ is a fine comeback if a little short and it’s clear that The Keys have been missed. However, they also seem more suited to dirty, seedy rock than the gentle stuff and it would be worthwhile for them to focus on that style next time around.

Web Sites:
The Keys MySpace

Further Listening:
The Kinks, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


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