Review: Quack Quack – Slow As An Eyeball

The main surprise about Quack Quack is that they’re not from Chicago, such is the obvious comparison betweeb them and jazz/post-rock kings Tortoise. In fact, Quack Quack are not even from the USA but Yorkshire in England. ‘Slow Is An Eyeball’ is their first album and shows that they have ideas aplenty of their own.

Key to the band’s sound is the rhythms. In fact, on occasions two of this trio actually play drums. In typically contrary style, ‘D Motherfucker D’ is an inventive but unthreatening duel between baroque keyboard melodies and percussion, with the result being a wonderfully weird dead heat. ‘Toc H’ possesses a playful exterior but its undercurrent is tense whilst ‘Big Sounds’ is another great showcase for the rhythm section. Admittedly, there is a slight tail-off in quality as the album draws to its close, although ‘Bird Parliament’ keeps up the quirky delights and ‘Jack Of None’ should please lovers of Krautrock. 

Importantly, Quack Quack have heart as well as intelligence. There’s a real sense of fun detectable in the creation of this album, which can be appreciated equally as much by the listener.

Web Sites:
Quack Quack Official Site
Quack Quack MySpace

Further Listening:
Tortoise, Jaga Jazzist, Sand


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