Review: Star FK Radium – Blue Siberia

It makes a change to be able to write about an instrmental trio who don’t fit under the post-rock banner. In fact, guitarist Bill Martien, drummer Matt Clarke and violinst Alissa Taylor are closer to modern classical. It probably sounds a bit dull on paper but this trio are actually dynamic and rather exciting.

‘Training Wheels’ begins in maudlin fashion but then Taylor’s violin seems uplifted, as if cold winter has transformed her into spring life. The fiercely intense ‘Speedbike’ is a straight duel between Martien and Clarke; allowing them to return to rock roots, whereas ‘Life In Slow Motion’ and ‘The Clearing’ are both wistful and pastoral. Throughout, Clarke’s drums are crisp whilst Martien and Taylor play emotionally-powered melodic battles with their instrument of choice.

On the surface, the three elements seem at odds with each other, yet further investigation reveals that – whatever pace the players stick to – their vision is undoubtedly singular and in harmony. The overall effect is reminiscent of early 4AD Records.

Web Sites:
Star FK Radium Official Site
Star FK Radium MySpace

Further Listening:
The Milling Gowns, Dif Juz


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