Review: Loren Scott – The Full Clown Service

Loren Scott has been described variously as “a London rocker”, “a thought provoking artist” and simply “ace”. As it happens all these descriptions are accurate for this singer and songwriter who shows remarkable depth and versatility on her second album. Aided by a sterling line-up of backing musicians, ‘The Full Clown Service’ is a classy alternative rock affair

Scott is blessed with a fine voice; sometimes so deep you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a male artist. She casts a brooding presence on just about every track on here from the half-gloomy, half-grungy opener ‘Don’t Let Love…’ to tense instrumental closer ‘Perimeter’. ‘So Many Reasons’ and ‘Opium Of The Week’ are top notch indie rockers with plenty of soul. It’s indicative of the overall quality of the record that even low-slung instrumental ‘London Fields’ sounds atmospheric and important whilst the vocal hooks for ‘Sunday’ are complemented by strings. Best of all is ‘Glass’; a beautifully mysterious piece of work with Scott lending her ghostly presence over a shimmering backdrop.

The production for ‘The Full Clown Service’ is spot on with spacious arrangements perfectly complementing the breathy quality of Scott’s own tones. Equal parts haunting, intense and emotional, this is a seriously good artist who doesn’t need any quirky gimmicks to stand out.

Web Sites:
Loren Scott Official Site
Loren ScottMySpace

Further Listening:
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