Review: Boy Is Fiction – Broadcasts In Colour

Recording under the name of Boy Is Fiction, Alex Gillett hit the ground running with his self-titled debut. Its ambient excellence gave me cause to compare it with Labradford and Bark Psychosis. The Australian musician has now released the follow-up.

Glitchy beats and piano keys form the basis for ‘As Far From Here As Possible’. Sadly it’s a rather soulless experience that is much harder to engage with than its deep predecessor. ‘Feeling Lazy’ adds Gillett’s vocals but doesn’t supply the human touch that’s required. ‘Silo’ continues the trend; it’s a track which ponders on the edge of something important but could really do with a touch more drama.

Gradually though, the album improves.  ‘Sand’ is much better with the piano keys capturing a sense of haunting melancholy and the beats adding machine-heavy urgency. The Eastern-influenced ‘I Close My Eyes’ has echoes of Millimetrik whereas ‘Either Way I’m Dead’ and ‘Your Name On My Skin’ recapture Gillett’s gifts for nocturnal magic, which he largely manages to maintain to the record’s conclusion.

In many ways, ‘Broadcasts In Colour’ is a perfect bedfellow for Gillett’s debut; it’s a piece of subtle, lush electronica. Yet for some of the time it struggles to raise itself above servicable IDM; where technical wizardry is given priority over emotional reach.

Web Sites:
Boy Is Fiction MySpace
Sun Sea Sky Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Millimetrik, Dextro


1 Response to “Review: Boy Is Fiction – Broadcasts In Colour”

  1. 1 Daniel Sutherland November 22, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    I feel the emotion is definately there in the album and have found it to be on the contrary easier to engage than the self-titled debut. I also find that the emotional reach is in the technical wizardry itself, merely an extension allowing the reach to extend itself further. I give the album an all round thumbs up and look forward to further releases by this very talented artist.

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