Review: Heinali And Matt Finney – Lemonade EP

Back in March, I wrote about Finneyerkes’ latest release; the charmingly-titled ‘Bastard’. This was a very promising and occasionally elegant ambient/post-rock offering. When one half of the duo, Matt Finney, first contacted me about his latest release, promising “heavier/darker territory” he certainly wasn’t joking. ‘Lemonade EP’ is darker to the point of disturbing; partially due to the contribution of Heinali, a Ukranian composer who provides the instrumental accompaniment to Finney’s poetry.

As soon as ‘A Beginning’ descends in to its nightmarish drone patterns, we know we’re in for a harrowing ride. ‘Repeated’ continues the grimy, grungy noise. A sombre piano melody underscores ‘End Of July’ but soon the familiar angry guitars and industrial walls kick in again.

The title track turns out to be the oasis of calm amongst the disorder, even though its subject matter is far removed from the ambient innocence of the music. This only serves as the build-up to ‘Pure Color’, where the tick-tock rhythms and shards of noise create the most unsettling of atmospheres. Throughout, Finney narrates on death, unloving sex and self-hatred; his whispered words sounding like a secret confession to the listener.

Naturally, ‘Lemonade EP’ is uncomfortable listening but Heinali and Finney have teamed up to create something that is never less than compelling, albeit in a bleak way. A little less reliance on industrial and post-rock noise would have been nice though.

Web Sites:
Heinali And Finney Bandcamp and Shop Site
Heinali and Finney MySpace

Further Listening:
Finneyerkes, Arab Strap


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