Review: Kyle Bobby Dunn – A Young Person’s Guide To

In the world of ambient there are records which are subtle and there are those which are “so quiet they’re hardly even there” kind of records. ‘A Young Person’s Guide To’, a 2CD compilation of the work of New Yorker Kyle Bobby Dunn, falls somewhere between those two camps.

‘Butel’ is essentially a drone with occasional additional effects which sound like insects hovering in the night air. After fourteen minutes, the same track is still playing and then it finally accommodates a keyboard melody. ‘The Tributary’ is a tad more involving with variation and melody more prominent but by the time of ‘Promenade’, Dunn’s vision reaches a lovely, elegant peak.

The second disc begins in much the same fashion as the first but soon begins to become stirring as second track ‘Empty Gazing’ enters the fray. Here Dunn explores hypnotic shoegaze sounds with a hook that drifts from speaker to speaker. Another highlight is solemn piano piece ‘Sets Of Four’ and there’s even some voice recordings on elegiac finale ‘The Nightjar’.

Two hours of this kind of ambience is certainly relaxing but I would recommend it is listened to in two separate sessions to avoid nodding off. One must also presume the collection’s title is ironic given that these pieces are strictly for those who like their music to be languid and graceful.

Web Sites:
Kyle Bobby Dunn MySpace
Low Point Label and Shop Link

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