Review: Dedicated To Dedications – Dedicated To Dedications

So many groups strive to make big statements by packing as many layers into their music as possible. So here we have Dedicated To Dedications, a seven-piece band including brass, string and woodwind players as well as the usual guitar, drums, keyboards and vocals. They have just three songs available so far but they display an abundance of charm in their allotted ten minutes.

The yearning vocals of Lauren Rebecca Bayross Payne are the main focal point of the EP but the songs really flourish when the strings begin to swell. From ‘Strange Neighbourhood’, it’s clear the classical instuments haven’t just been flung together but are expertly co-ordinated by the band. ‘Crash Or Burn’ may be short but it’s the most beautifully realised track; the emotionally torn tones of Bayross Payne and the cello and violin parts dovetailing perfectly with each other. ‘Midas’ is less arresting but is still as warm and heartfelt as classically-infused pop music can be.

What impresses most is the sheer joy the group seem to have had in producing these songs. The group are currently unsigned but I have a feeling they won’t have to wait too long for that situation to change.

Web Sites:
Dedicated To Dedications Official Site
Dedicated To Dedications MySpace

Further Listening:
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