Review: The Superimposers – Sunshine Pops!

The Superimposers have been peddling their own brand of summery, psychedelic pop since 2005 which has so far yielded two excellent albums. Not too much has changed for album number three really, except now they have Shawn Lee on board as producer.

To begin with a criticism, two older songs crop up again in slightly altered form so here we get to hear ‘Seeing Is Believing’ (benefitting from a percussion-heavy facelift by Lee) and the wistful ‘Would It Be Impossible’ again, although that means – regardless of whether they are two of their best early songs – the sum total of new material adds up to less than half an hour.

It’s lucky their other songs are just as great. ‘Where Do You Go?’ showcases the duo at their most throwaway; it’s an opening gambit which revels in its Beat Group simplicity right down to its cheesy bird song sample. Both ‘The Beach’ and ‘Sometimes’ are made up of classy easy listening arrangements which exhibit a faraway beauty. ‘The Harbour Mystery’ continues the seaside theme but its wonky key changes and shuffling drums remind us that this is a lo-fi band at heart. Furthermore, ‘Tumbledown’ and ‘Four Leaf Clover’ prove that these unlikely looking fellows can create some truly lovely harmonies.

Despite the quibble about there being just seven new songs on this album, the quality is marvellous. One might say that for late 1960’s nostalgia this is hard to beat but it’s the strength of melody which really astounds.

Web Sites:
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Further Listening:
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