Review: Garforth & Myers – Bonfires

South Yorkshire’s Rory Garforth and Adam Myers apparently provide “lushly brewed melodious folk hypnosis”. It’s a bold statement but one which isn’t so far from the truth as their acoustic fare is very well arranged and expertly written.

As soon as we hear the lilting ‘Bonfires’ it’s clear that Garforth and Myers share the same vision; their harmonies are beautifully delivered and guitars are strummed gently. ‘Mirrors’ is, shall we say, a more reflective moment for the duo as strings add a layer of melancholy to an already rather sad song. For ‘The Past’ they sound like folk veterans reclaiming former glories but they do so with a believable authenticity and finally – thanks to its double bass and lighter than air vocals – ‘Lighthouse’ is a dead ringer for Kings Of Convenience.

The songs are traditionally arranged and stylistically offer little that’s different. Yet each one contains a memorable melody and that is the most striking and important point to the EP.

Web Sites:
Garforth & Myers MySpace

Further Listening:
Kings Of Convenience, Conrad Vingoe, Simon And Garfunkel


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