Review: Ambeson – When Colours Flow

Londoner Rich Keyworth is another exponent of jangly and chiming acoustic melodies topped off with electronic layers. ‘When Colours Flow’ is his second album (but first under the name of Ambeson) and it’s a refreshingly light yet complex release.

‘A Window To Look Through’ is an introduction to the warm melancholy which Keyworth specialises in, though the track which follows it – the stuttering, digitally-enhanced ‘Carapace’ – is noticeably less fluid. On ‘Together We’re Alone’, he raises the bar with his most clever and addictive melody, as the acoustic/electronic mix reaches its peak. Each track thereafter is a little inferior but there’s always enough going on in the layers of instruments to keep the interest right up to the ever more distant piano keys for finale ‘Tacheles’.

Pleasingly, Keyworth focuses on tunes rather than trickery and this is evident from his listening habits which include the unfashionably sweet Minotaur Shock. Although his music lacks the same consistent quality, there is a beating heart to this record which makes it very easy to like.

Web Sites:
Ambeson MySpace
Ambeson Bandcamp and Shop Page

Further Listening:
Four Tet, Minotaur Shock, Tristeza, Motodestra


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