Review: Taub – The Wrong Path

Taub (AKA Scotland’s Harold Nono and Germany’s Me Raabenstein) find home on Bearsuit Records; a label fast establishing a reputation for cosmopolitan and experimental electronic music. In that respect, Taub are certainly a great example of their roster. Their music is decidedly odd but certainly not without its charm.

By way of example, the quirky techno of ‘Lollipops’ (whose melody seems quite similar to 808 State’s ‘Pacific State’) manages to become both sinister and cute. ‘Badlands’ cleverly combines a multitude of traditional instruments (double bass, piano, cello) and bubbling electronica to create a mournful but attractive piece, which touches on jazz, pop and the avant garde. As a measure of Taub’s diversity, ‘Gravel Eyes’ veers between easy listening and horror soundtrack territory.

At times the two protagonists sound just like two artists who send files over the Internet would do, since their music seems to go flying off in opposite tangents at times. However, they hit more often than they miss and their invention is to be applauded.

Web Sites:
Bearsuit Records MySpace
Taub MySpace

Further Listening:
Harold Nono


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