Review: M. Ostermeier – Chance Reconstruction

Marc Ostermeier presents his third record of the year but ‘Chance Reconstruction’ is his first full album. It’s also the first release from Tench, a sister label to the excellent Words On Music imprint, which – it would be remiss of me not to mention – is also co-owned by Ostermeier. His first album is a quiet, ambient offering. 

‘Last’ begins with a swelling piano melody which suggests a quieter Sigur Ros but – just as the impression is given of an epic finale – the music moves in to more sedate territory. Its quiet tone dominates the remainder of ‘Chance Reconstruction’; exemplified by the moody title track which immediately follows it. ‘Harp’ is moving and hopeful but on ‘Beacon Adrift’ and ‘Deepr’ Ostermeier edges towards Yellow6 territory with languid and heavily reverbed guitars and that inescapable feeling of sadness.

Ostermeier falls a little short of carving out a true identity for himself on this record. Yet he performs each piece of music with a touch of class and the variety (piano, guitars, field recordings) enables this release to be one of most fascinating ambient records I have heard this year.

Web Sites:
Tench Home Page
M. Ostermeier Artist Page

Further Listening:
Yellow6, Stars Of The Lid, Labradford


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